Sisters hookup Savage Gets Cold-Blooded Revenge On His Sister By Uploading Her Detailed ‘Hook Up’ List To Facebook

Sisters hookup

Need help talking with your child or teenager about sex?

I think that someone who helps enforce a bad rule is a jerk, even if it's a cop "doing his job". Katie needs help and support with this crisis now, and conversations about healthy sexuality later — maybe much, much later. I don't think this is real, but if it were, I would think the brother was a flaming asshole.

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Karma is a bitch, indeed. He thought the hookup was awesome; I thought and still think the brother and sister were two equally despicable, disturbed individuals. For many people writing things down helps them clarify and understand their own desires more fully.

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I think that many of us have experienced some sort of bullying, and some sort of sexual abuse or harassment and to think about all these new ways or perpetrating this kind of abuse is a real eye opener. Find all posts by Amigone Are you an only child?

Maybe publishing this list is sexual bullying, as you suggest, but no more so, in fact much less so, than the underlying events, ie Katie planning in advance to use them with no intention of being speed dating umhlanga or considerate of their feelings.

But it's also possible that she told on him because she thinks it would be funny if he got in trouble. I'm grounded for the next 3 months. I thought for a while on this exact point, mskitty.

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Chris took this sibling rivalry to a whole different level that is, in itself, an attach on Katie. As to whether this increases the likelihood that Katie will be abused, is this because there is some strange cultural assumption that women deserve to be punished for their sexuality?

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Ever know the feeling of sister thrown under the bus by a vengeful sibling? THAT would be dickish.

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But a rebuke of her without more information is both judgmental and probably mis-aimed. I do wonder if too many handjobs fucked up her penmanship though could barely read that. Is it a dick move to rat your siblings out for a 12 pack?

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Originally Posted by Troodon. Site-wide guidelines are strictly enforced in speed dating jacksonville florida community. You won't be able to vote or comment. I'm pretty sure I saw that same image posted to the SA sisters hookup many years ago. Besides, it would have been smarter to use it as blackmail material before she ever got him grounded, along the lines of "Guess what I found in your room? I remember commenting on it before when a friend of mine posted it.

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Putting it on the internet where everyone will be able to see it forever is going too far; it's one thing to shame someone in front of her schoolmates, but this might follow the guy's sister for a very long time.

Regardless of the age of the hookups, teenagers, or adult offspring, it seems this might have substantial family repercussions.

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RobotHamster Follow Forum Posts: I love how something posted by a kid 5 years the hook up st peters mo and has no proof of being real creates this amount of laws on dating a minor in oregon and drama.

BB code is On. Why did you post this on your site???? It's okay because she's a slut and reported her brother to her parents. Brother's Facebook revenge on sister. Here are some available suggestions.