Dating ampeg amplifiers How to Date Ampeg Amplifiers

Dating ampeg amplifiers

CaseHardin are a Clubhouse Records Artist.

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WarPig, on Oct 2 Ampeg amplifiers have evolved over the decades. That kind of dating lessons 101 the limit of 'it can't be older than X' as the parts weren't produced till that date.

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Mar 1, 7. If anyone feels this page should be taken down, please feel free to contact me. Good sleuthing done today.

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How do you know the speaker was replaced? The best way to date an Ampeg amp is based on its specific features and characteristics.

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Yes, my password is: The Story Behind the Sound","authors": If you want a lesson or two, let me know. Later amps from the '70s were made in more silver and blue or teal color schemes.

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Yep, that makes sense as it is that model. Or is that year 6 - as in and for something else? The amp does NOT have the classic diamond checked tolex.

dating ampeg amplifiers

Ampeg's latest amps, made afterare usually all black unless they are amplifier designs that are made to look like vintage amplifiers. The third serial number system was implemented in For instance, the Super Echo Twin was made inbut not in These amplifiers have been used on components including potentiometers potstransformers, capacitors, tubes, and speakers.

Likewise, an Ampeg from would not be covered in blue check vinyl whereas an amp from would have this covering.

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Enough information serial numbers, model, date codes has been gathered to prepare the following guide for dating by serial number. You currently have javascript disabled.

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For example, a Duette with serial number was made in 7during October 10and was possibly the st amp made that month. I can't find a serial number on it anywhere.

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I thought about making that joke when I posted, but since I was asking for help, I thought I'd hold off. Some previous owner had installed a replacement speaker, dating sites without photos dating ampeg they did they stapled in some extra foam padding inside the cab and they covered up the piece of paper That one is embossed in the metal 2- on the inside of the cabinet on the side.

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Dating my vintage Ampeg B Mar 1, 1. Thanks for those links.